• Paul Byrd

The Calvinism/Arminianism Debate Today

I agree that we need to stand together as Christians and let some of these deep theological matters be friendly intellectual discussions rather than divisive discourses amongst believers. Greg Dutcher wrote a great book called "Killing Calvinism" that I feel every 'new Calvinist' should read. In it he describes his family in their minivan stopping out in the country to watch a meteor shower at night, but the windshield was dirty. He got out some Windex and paper towels to clean the windshield so that they could see the meteor shower. I think this is the perfect analogy for our study of theology. The meteor shower is God's wonderous glory, the windshield is our theology, and the dirt is our understanding of theology. When we study the Word, speak to others, and listen to good preaching we're cleaning our windshield. Let's not ever lose sight of the fact that the windshield is just the lens through which we are viewing the Glory of God and that if we concentrate too much on cleaning our windshield, the meteor shower may be over and we'll completely miss the object of having a clean windshield in the first place!! However, we do need to spend time every day cleaning our windshield so that we can clearly see God's Glory and purpose for us.

There are many times I also wish Scripture explicitly addressed some issues that cause frustration among believers. On the grand over-arching issues and love for Christ, Calvinists and Arminians mostly agree. We're all children of the Reformation (theologically speaking)! Even Spurgeon had good things to say about Wesley and even told his followers they should all read Wesley's book, "on the Christian Life". Let's be sure that as we hurtle into the end times that we pray for wisdom and discernment and not be too quick to join some ecumenical movement that may link us with false teachers… and there are plenty out there standing in pulpits today.

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